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27 July 1983
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I'm a 26 year old Leo originally from Wales but now living in the West Midlands. I currently work as a Membership Administrator for a woman's organisation, where my focus is Public Affairs and also working on the membership magazine. I'm happily loved up with D (fleshcrafter), and we've been together for over three years, engaged for two.

*Writing A passion of mine since I was in primary school. Now, I write mostly fanfic, though I'd like to branch into original.

*Roleplay Nowadays mostly online via forums.

*Photoshop Especially icons. I also enjoy icontests/challenges.

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Comedy, particularly Whose Line, Mock the Week & And Then You Die. Gossip Girl. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. CSI (all 3 but especially Vegas). NCIS. Mutant X . Zero Punctuation . Privileged


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