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Rhi [userpic]

Role-play examples

July 20th, 2008 (08:54 pm)

For gossipgirlrp_xo:

Example One: Georgina Sparks (Gossip Girl RP on Insanejournal, Journal entry)
So, reform school. Interesting place, I have to say. Here I was thinking it was all about helping troubled teens so that they could move on with their lives, when really? It seems to be about making us all feel as worthless as humanly possible whilst at the same time keeping a close enough watch on us that we don't decide to end it all.

Needless to say, they don't like me. My 'advisor'? Total bitch, who has made it her personal mission to make me cry simply because one of the first things I said was "I don't cry". Which is true. Fuck knows I'm used to dealing with far worse things than she tries to throw at me. She thinks hating me will solve my problems? I got far more interesting people hating my guts right now and do I sound like I care?

Only thing I wish is that the other kids weren't all crowding round me like I'm the hottest shit to land in the place. Seriously, for teens who're supposed to be all out of control, it's pathetic how easily they seem to be breaking. And all because I refuse to break, they seem to think I'm their new Queen or whatever. Which means they want my shoulder to cry on - for serious! Even after I tell them to go away and come back when they've grown a little spine.

Still, I'm doing my bit - barely. Enough for my folks to see that maybe this is a good thing for me (it isn't) and that I'll come out all shiny and new and perfect (I won't). As long as I can escape soon, because otherwise? It'll be a whole new other institute for me.

[Private, to herself]
Hah! Like any place could hold me for this long. Surely anyone who knows me knows I can do chastised exceptionally well when I want to. And the best part? With everyone going away for the summer, it's going to be a while before anyone realises I'm back.

Part of me knows I should've just stayed in the country with my parents being the good little girl I'm supposed to be now. But really, how is that any fun? I much prefer the city and all that goes on here. I'm just not ready for anyone to know I'm already home...yet.
[/Private, to herself]

Example Two: Brendan Kilmartin (Original character, When Shadows Fall @ Project-Boredom forums)
Brendan smiled as he made his way to his usual spot amongst the ruins, a low what had once been wall that overlooked the river. Truth be told, Bannerman's Castle was one of his favourite places to be. There was so much history there, so much that begged to be captured on canvas, or perhaps in the short blast of right words that poetry was to him. Given half the chance, Brendan would happily camp out in the ruins for days while he soaked up all the inspiration open to him in this place. But, despite his tendancy to leave unintentional death-traps for his flatmate, there were a handful of people - Deacon included - who he would miss too much to go without seeing for more than a day or so.

Now, though, he would happily lose the rest of the world. Bar one. Honey was on her way, a chance for Brendan to see his favourite person in his favourite place. Not that he'd ever admit it. Honey was a friend, he was someone she turned to when she needed a friendly ear and that was it. And, in truth, he could live with that. Anything that kept Honey in his life was definitely a good thing.

His gaze fixed on the river, Brendan lost himself in thought. The stone and grass and water began to meld into a world of watercolour that only he could see. He didn't know when to expect Honey but he was happy to wait. For her, he would wait forever.

Example Three: Angharad Llewellyn (Original Character, Rutherford Academy @ Perfect-Ending forums)
As Sonny went to get some water, Angharad forced herself to control her reactions. She pressed a hand to her chest as though it would force her heart to slow down and her breathing to regulate. Okay, note to self? Not watching that film again until I can stop being so pathetic over it.

It didn't help that she found herself wanting to watch Sonny as he carried out this normally not-particularly-interesting act of getting water. Normally, she would have thought nothing of turning and chatting to him as he did so, without the thought that maybe he wouldn't want her eyes on him. But this was different somehow, and it wasn't helping her uneasy thoughts any.

As Sonny returned to the sofa with her water, Angharad thanked him and took a long sip, hoping it would help. She relaxed slightly as Sonny started to talk about Kaly. Kaly was a safe topic, a mutual friend - or acquaintance, in Sonny's case - either way, there wasn't far this conversation could go wrong.

"Yeah, Kaly's a great friend. Always good for getting a different angle on things - I guess she's so used to seeing things a little differently that she can pick up things the rest of us don't straight away." She smiled, taking another sip of her water. "Plus, it's nice to be able to talk to someone who has a passion for something constructive - present company excepted, of course, there doesn't seem to be many kids here who care too much about anything.

Then Sonny asked if Kaly was seeing anyone and something heavy seemed to drop in Angharad's stomach. So that was why he had brought up Kaly? She couldn't help but feel a little hurt - of course, if that was what Sonny wanted then she wasn't going to ruin that for him, but at the same time the thought of Sonny getting together with another girl upset her somehow.

Still, Angharad was not in the Drama club for nothing, and so she forced her edgy feelings aside to answer his question. "I...actually, I don't know. But I can find out for you, if you want?" She fought to keep a steady tone, though her smile didn't quite reach her eyes. All of a sudden, she felt far too hot and the apartment seemed so much more oppressing than it should have done.

Biting her lip, she focused again on Sonny. "Hey, listen...I think these exams took more out of me than I thought. I should probably go...besides, your dad could be on his way back and I don't want to get you into any trouble." She risked a small smile. "Means I can get onto finding out the answer to that question for you as well."