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Music meme

November 3rd, 2010 (05:24 pm)

Stolen from i_am_samm

1. What song would be your theme song?
It changes all the time, to be honest. As of right now, it'd probably be Fire (Aim Your Arrows High) by VersaEmerge.

2. What song best describes your childhood?
Black Box's Ride On Time and anything by Kylie Minogue

3. Your teen years?
Anything by the Spice Girls, 911 or Backstreet Boys. Or North And South. Oh, and I Can Make You Feel Good by Kavana, largely because I used to switch the song round to the "response" XD

4. What song do you want played at your wedding? (Or what song did you want/have played at your wedding?)
Paramore's The Only Exception.

5. What song best describes your current love life?
Same as #4, probably.

6. Pick a good song to have sex to (or one you'd think would be a good song to have sex to).
You know what, there are songs I've probably thought would be good in the past, but do you think I can think of any of them now? No. Epic brain fail.

7. Now a song that's good to have sex to with someone you really love.
To be honest, it'd be the same as #6 since I would make no distinction. But of course, that doesn't help if I can't think of any for #6 in the first place XD

8. Is there a song about your home (city/state/country)?
Not that I've ever heard. Which isn't to say there isn't one.

9. What song would you want played at your funeral?
Uh...Not sure, actually. I'm thinking Moments Between Sleep by VersaEmerge would be an interesting one.

10. Pimp time! Pick a song you think people should hear.
Redesign Me - VersaEmerge
We're All Gonna Burn For This - ISpyStrangers

There you go, there's two :D